8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Struggle With Anxiety

There are many types of anxiety that can manifest into your mind and body. It doesn’t matter which one may be “bigger”, “scarier”, or “worse.” It still affects someone and everyone has a different experience. Here are 8 celebrities that you didn’t know struggled with some type of anxiety.

1. Britney Spears22-britney-spears-w710-h473-2x

In an earlier article I posted, I touched on Britney’s struggle with anxiety. (You can read it here.) Growing up in the spotlight attributed to anxiety and social anxiety. She spoke about being awkward in large groups due to her social anxiety. She found serenity in being a mother and having her boys become a beacon of hope to help her tackle her anxiety.

2. Colton Haynes


This heartthrob from Teen Wolf and Arrow has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety. He has suffered since the 5th grade and it had only progressed into bigger problems not only affecting his health,“Whether it be fainting, hyperventilating, or seizures…I’ve been through it” but his professional and personal lives. “I’ve quit jobs because of anxiety, flaked on social events, family gatherings, birthdays, important movie/work tests. It’s a serious problem.” Amazingly, Colton has become a huge advocate for helping those who struggle with anxiety by putting his own story out there for others to gain strength from. His courage is incredible and his willingness to help others is nothing short of amazing. Some of his tweets,  “You Are Not Alone…Love Those Suffering…We Will Overcome This” give me so much hope and happiness.

3. Lena Dunham


Lena is powerful. In an interview, she has confessed that her anxiety can be so overwhelming at times it becomes paralyzing making it hard to engage in basic social interactions. Mental illness is no joke to her and she is not shy about calling out pop culture on their misconceptions of mental illness. In an Instagram post, she touches on normalizing women who help themselves with medication, “Most women on meds are women who have been brave enough to help themselves. It’s important that we see normalizing portrayals of people, women, choosing to take action when it comes to their mental health.” She’s wise and her voice is an important one against the struggles of anxiety.

4. Adele


Adele has opened up about her extreme performance anxiety. Large crowds are her worse nightmare. She would suffer from crippling anxiety attacks in fear of letting her fans down. She has often turned down lucrative performance gigs in huge venues because of her anxiety. She’s had one attack in Amsterdam, so bad she had to escape using a fire exit. But, like the strong woman that she is she has found a way to cope. It was actually Queen Bee (Beyonce) who helped Adele. After having an attack before meeting the legend she decided to take a page out of the Queen Bee confidence book. She developed her own alter ego that would be brave in the face of anxiety thus helping build up her own confidence to get through attacks.

5. Zayn Malik


I think all of us one way or another remember the day Zayn left One Direction. Some of us more crushed than others. Shortly after his departure, Zayn launched his solo career and put out some amazing music. But something that has always haunted the singer was his anxiety. It was a factor in leaving One Direction and is now plaguing his solo career. He recently canceled a tour due to his disorder and later apologized on his Instagram. It is hard to go from a boy in England that few knew to suddenly a huge star having millions of adoring fans chasing after you and losing that precious privacy you used to have. It has been reported that Zayn’s manager has actually reached out to Adele’s to help the singer cope and find peace. It is pleasing to hear that his team is fully behind him and seeking help is the main priority.

6 Jennifer Lawrence

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 17: Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives for the Premiere Of Lionsgate's "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 17, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most in-demand and highest-earning actresses on the face of this planet. The lovely goofball is one of my all time favorites. She never fails to put a smile on my face. Her fearlessness inspires me, so it’s no surprise that she would open up about her struggle with social anxiety. For her and many of us, it started in her teen years. She didn’t know what is was until she finally sought out a therapist for help. Between therapy and medication, she has learned to accept and love herself just the way she is and it has made dealing with the stress of being an A-List celebrity easier. Seriously can she be my best friend? That’s all I ask.

7 Amanda Seyfried


Who can forget this lovely actress from Mean Girls? She may not have the ability to tell the weather from her chest in real life but she does have the ability to speak about her experience with anxiety. She got drunk before an interview with David Letterman just so she could calm her nerves. Shortly after she saw a shrink to help her deal with her severe anxiety and stage fright. It has something that has hindered her whole life and she knew she had to work through it somehow. One thing that helps keep her grounded is her dog, Finn. Have you seen her dog? I mean come on he is the cutest. Not cuter than my dog but hey I’m biased.

8 Lauren Jauregui

Z100's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2015 - Show

You may know this beauty as one-fifth of Fith Harmony. This girl knows how to work it and she is definitely no stranger to working on fighting anxiety. Recently, she had broken down in an airport while being mobbed and overwhelmed by adoring fans. She even asked a fan to delete pictures and video of her crying. It’s hard when you are young and thrust into the spotlight. I can’t imagine what she feels on a day to day basis but I am proud of just how strong she is. Not to mention she opens up the conversation to her fans young and old about what anxiety is. It puts the spotlight on a huge problem that hits our youth. The hashtag #RespectLauren quickly rose after her incident in the airport and gave me so much happiness that fans could rally together to love and respect someone who suffers.

Remember that you are never alone. You never have to suffer alone. These are only eight people out of thousands who suffer from mental illness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Who is someone that you were surprised by that suffers from a form of anxiety? Comment below.

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