SPOTLIGHT: Tony Kim Motivates Us To Find Our Own Hero Within

[avatar user=”Daniel Dayao” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]By: Daniel Dayao[/avatar]   Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we feel that we are on the path we want to be on, but fate and destiny take us somewhere else. It’s how we react to those crossroads that builds our character. Tony Kim felt he was on his path, but it was […]

Unity Days Convention 2018: What Is It & Why You Should Go

[avatar user=”Danielle de la Torre” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]By:Danielle de la Torre[/avatar] Unity Days is a convention by Unity Events that is solely dedicated to the television show The 100. The convention takes place at the Pinnacle Hotel in Vancouver, Canada right where the show is filmed! If those two sentences weren’t enough to get you interested in this event […]

My Farewell To Chester Bennington And How I Cope

[avatar user=”Danielle de la Torre” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]By: Danielle de la Torre[/avatar] I am heartbroken. Simply put. How do you even think anything? Gutted, sad, miserable, heavy, the adjectives just go on. I was attending San Diego Comic Con when I heard the news from one of my friends. My first reaction was, “That’s not funny […]