Fast 8 Still Rules The Box Office

The Fast franchise has slain the competition once again with it’s eighth installment “The Fate of the Furious” opening to 532.5 million worldwide in its first weekend!

Caution Spoilers Ahead:

I took my mother to go see this movie for Easter and boy did she love it. We go every year to see these movies and they just keep topping each other. From start to finish there was laughs, tears, and excitement to be had. It opens up with a Letty and Dom honeymoon in the incredible CUBA! This happy ever after is short-lived thanks to Charlize Theron who does a great job at delivering a nasty villain for this film. Along with Theron, newcomer Scott Eastwood is enjoyable and a great addition to the team.

Fate of the Furious goes on to deliver epic car chases in New York City and Russia delivering more damage to fancy cars. I know I could never afford any of the cars in this film so it hurts to see them get smashed to pieces. Altogether the franchise has destroyed over 517 million dollars in cars.

On top of the car rainfall, the Russian submarine battle has got to be one of the franchises best ending battles to date. (Fast Fives ending is still my number one.) But my favorite scene of this film comes at the end of the battle when everyone rushes to protect Dom from flames. The movie ends with its infamous meal scenes surrounded by the fast family. This time with a new addition Dom’s son! I cried even harder when they decided to honor the late Paul Walker’s character by naming Dom’s son Brian. Cheers to the fast family.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Stop making these movies it’s just butts and fast cars.”

Let me tell you right now. These movies are making billions of dollars for a reason. People go out and still see these movies because of the chemistry this cast has. It’s a feeling of family and friends when you see this movie. This cast is amazing and their off-screen chemistry lights up on screen and makes you love every moment. That’s why people still come in droves to see these movies. You get a high octane ride with a great group of friends. With two more movies announced, it’s only right that these movies keep doing what they do best. Destroying cars, creating crazy unbelievable fight scenes, and making you ball like a child over family first mottoes. Like it or not, these movies will continue to be made and live on in a record-breaking legacy forever.

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