Have You Seen The New Power Rangers Trailer?

In a world of reboots and superhero movies, comes a reboot about superheroes. Thanks, Hollywood. Regardless, this fits perfectly into a summer box office. Power Rangers! No not the kids running around in skin tight tights with exceptional fighting skills. These kids have super armor. See for yourself.



Yeah, it’s pretty cool. At first, I wasn’t really into it, but it is oddly starting to grow on me. After watching the trailer I was intrigued and was left wanting more.

The trailer had some great reveals. First off, we know that the movie is going to a be a little darker and focus more on an alien approach rather than magic. The Rangers will all take a Breakfast Club approach as outcast characters that come together from forces beyond their control. We see some romance budding between Kimberly and Jason but most of the trailer likes to go out of the way to let us know that the kids have super powers outside of their suits. Jason wakes up with a six pack and destroys his bathroom. Later he and his friends decide it’s ok to jump off one cliff to another. Is anyone thinking of the first Spiderman? Me too.


Elizabeth Banks makes her appearance as the villain hovering over Becky – G’s character muttering that she has killed Rangers before 7f75b7aabf1855cb3532227a2faacd96f8862eddleading us to believe that our kids are not the first to suit up. The end of the trailer promises us some morphing time but sadly cuts before the kiddos get to suit up entirely.

I’m still hesitant about this movie but it still seems worth a watch. I was hesitant about Transformers but it still turned out to be ok except for the last one, looking at you Mark Wahlberg. You can check out the trailer below.


Will you be heading to the theater to watch Power Rangers?

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