Important Advice To Stay Mentally Healthy At Comic Con

This is going to be my second year at the beautiful San Diego Comic Con and coming from someone who suffers from mental illness it’s important to make sure you take the extra steps to stay mentally happy and healthy to enjoy your con.


Last year I went out guns a blazing jumping from panel room to panel room and hitting the show floor like there was no tomorrow…on Thursday. Remember to slow down. There is SO much to see in and out of the Convention Center. Make sure you schedule a time to set aside to find something to eat, get out of the heat, recharge (both your mind and that phone!) It is a long Con and you want to make sure you don’t burn yourself out.


Like I already mentioned it’s very important to set aside time to eat. Personally, if I don’t eat something all morning my body starts to turn on me. I get really dizzy and light headed which in return makes me panic ending my morning in a panic attack. After I have the attack I feel totally drained and not wanting to do anything but go back to bed. To avoid this I recommend walking to the CVS or Ralphs. Load up on some fruit or protein bars to stick in your bag. You’ll need the fuel to get you through those long lines but you’ll need to plan for a regular meal sometime in the day!


Comic Con is a unique creature. Not everything is planned perfectly. I am quick to panic when something I planned and had control over ends up turning out differently. Some of the plans that you put in place may not happen or happen later than you originally thought. It’s important to be ready for the word plan to disappear from your vocabulary entirely. Be prepared to ditch plans you worked hard on for other plans that may be way more fun! It’s hard to let go of things I have control over but I find myself letting loose a little more and having way more fun. At the end of the day, I pat myself on the back for being able to get through a flexible day and being proud of myself for it.


The Con is more of a marathon than a sprint. There is a lot going on in each day so you need to make sure you go back to where you are staying and get some sleep. I don’t function well without at least six hours of sleep. It’s great to go out after the con but don’t stay out too late. You’ll need sleep, especially if you are getting up early to get in line. If you are spending the night in Hall H make sure you bring the correct necessities. Last year all I had was my backpack and my Bob’s Burger pillow from Toddland Store. IT WAS AWFUL. You’ll need a towel or blanket to sleep on if you are planning on sleeping on the ground so you don’t get grass on you. My recommendation is getting a chair to sleep in. You want to sleep! It’s no good staying up in line all night because you’ll just be tired for the panels and cranky the rest of the day. You can also find line buddies who will change out with you so you can sleep. Those zzz’s are important!


This is the most important thing on the list. The whole purpose of this Comic Con is for fun! You get to see your favorite nerdy things and geek out with thousands of other people like you! That’s incredible. Make sure that you do the things that matter most to you and make the most out of your time at the con. You may even make new friends that you’ll get to enjoy the con with next year.


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