Let’s Break Down The 100 Season 4 Trailer Shall We?

It’s that time of year again. The mid-season premieres of anticipated series are making their way back into our lives.

The 100 being one of these, released it’s season four trailer at 11 am pacific time today. Of course, I stopped everything I was doing at work and ran outside in the rain for peace and quiet to watch the trailer. My phone got wet but it was worth it…priorities.


Without further ado let’s break down this trailer.


What You May Have Missed

The trailer is just under 3 minutes but it is jam-packed with spoilers and all around goodness for an epic season 4.

  • People are dropping like flies in Arkadia. Many body bags means A.L.I.E. may have been right about something apocalyptic.
  • Someone or something with high tech gear is coming after the Skaikru. Raven shouts run because she knows technology. Something is highly advanced in taking down people like an Assassin. These are not grounders so that leaves the question…who else is trying to survive?
  • There’s part of a ship that’s landed in Azgeda territory. So who’s going in after it and why?
  • 1:08 Luna is a victim of radiation. It’s a small glance but it looks like Luna is in rough shape. Will we lose her too?
  • Polis still hasn’t figured out its politics and it looks like it’s going to come down to pure brutality with King Roan.
  • King Roan is crowned and seems to take over Polis and all of the grounders.
  • Niylah is back and she’s helping Octavia.
  • Speaking of Octavia she’s fighting someone from Ice Nation.
  • Abby boards a boat. Could she be heading to help Luna?
  • Someone took the flame and it’s not Clarke. A new character has taken the chip away and it looks like she’s trying to take the oath and become the next Heda.
  • Raven’s in trouble yet again having a seizure and by the looks of the blonde hair draped over her Clarke is trying to help.


I don’t know how they managed to pull out more epic but kudos to the creativity that has gone into this new season. Here are my theories for season 4.

The plague will hit and Clarke and the gang are going to have to figure out a way to keep their people from dying.

Clarke – She still has loyalties to the grounders, when she learns Luna is sick from the radiation she’s definitely going to try and help. Abby boarded a boat so I’m sure the mother-daughter duo will try to help Luna and the boat people. Clarke has a two problems this season. An impending apocalypse and King Roan.

Power Struggles in Polis – There’s no Heda and no Night Blood willing or alive to take over. Leave it to Echo to whisper sweet evil nothings into Roan’s ear.  Roan will take over and quickly form a brutal dictatorship. Clarke won’t let everything Lexa has built go to waste so I see her fighting for the rights of grounders and a way to bring back traditions. When people die (Lexa) they leave behind their legacy. Clarke will be damned if she doesn’t fight for Lexa’s legacy. 

Jaha – This season is going to be a tough one for Jaha. He has to let the pain all back in. The repercussions of what he’s done and what he’s tried to forget are going to hit him hard. I can see him going two ways. Diving into a darker role and still searching for something greater to worship or finally giving in and trying to amend for his wrongful doings.

Octavia – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. With Lincoln gone there’s no holding back this wild woman. She out for justice and vengeance. Her dream has always been to find a home. When you don’t fit in you tend to bounce around and find whatever works. Her hatred will most likely lead her to King Roan. She may turn on the Skaikru and pledge her allegiance to Roan and Azgeda. It’s going to have to take soul searching and Bellamy to bring her back home.

Bellamy – Bellamy has another “my sister my responsibility” situation on his hands this season. He’s part of the reason Lincoln is dead. Sometimes you need to just let your sister cool off but when she becomes the “Skairippa” it’s time to reel her back in. Bellamy is going to have to focus on helping Clarke save their people but also saving his sister. Blood is thicker than water. You catch a glimpse of him leaving in the black rain with a biohazard suit on. It would not surprise me if Bellamy goes after Octavia to make sure she survives the apocalypse. 

Monty – Anger seems to be getting the best of Monty. With the responsibility of killing his own mother weighing heavy on his shoulders and no stable best friend to confide in this season is going to be difficult for Monty to move on. You can see him lashing out at Clarke and a chain. I’m assuming that Monty will find his own journey this season discovering what it means to be a Monty without a Jasper.

Jasper – Looks like Jasper has found his inner hick. That hat is helping no one. Looks like Jasper has rolled up into zero f**ks given town. Since season two Jasper has been brutally beaten down. The death of Maya and the betrayal of Clarke. It takes a huge toll on someone to feel like you will never be happy again. It’s also dangerous to feel like you have nothing left to lose. But there is still hope the best part about hitting rock bottom…there’s nowhere left to go but up. I can’t help myself I still feel that Jasper’s ultimate fate is death this season.

Raven – Still reeling from the pain A.L.I.E left, Raven is going to have to find a way to cope with her leg. From the looks of her seizure, she may be having side effects from taking the chip or she’s being affected by the radiation. This new high-tech group seems to be a dangerous threat to her and the rest of the scooby gang. In order to beat them, I’m assuming that Raven will need to channel her mechanic skills again to help take them down. I’d like to see some more badass gadgets from her.


The season will start out with the imminent threat that A.L.I.E. predicted. A lot of people are going to die. Enter high-tech assassins. These people that are hunting Raven and Miller have some incredible technology. I would not be surprised if somehow they were behind all the black rain and sickness (Mount Weather controlled the acid fog. Why not have these people control this?) Clarke and the gang will discover this group and need to find a way to take them out. Meanwhile, Octavia is going to go on a bloody rampage and self-discovering journey to try and finally find a home within the grounder community. Clarke is going to have to find a way to join forces with Roan to defeat this new enemy. Bellamy and Octavia are going to have to find a way to rekindle. Lastly, Polis still shaken from its power struggles will need to find a way to normalize with a new Heda and a new way of living.



The only thing I know for sure is that we are a long way away from these baby-faced days.

What are you predicting for season 4 of The 100? The 100 season 4 premieres February 1st on the CW!

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