Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Opens Up About Her Mental Health Struggles

I love Lili Reinhart for many reasons. One being that she is a free spirit goofball that always makes my day on Twitter because she is the queen of Gifs. Another being that she opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought.

Reinhart, 20, and Camila Mendes, 22, recently spoke to Cosmopolitan about their new lives in the Hollywood spotlight. Not only were they incredibly hilarious but they really opened up about the new life Riverdale has given them. Adjusting to newfound fame can be difficult but these girls seem to be very grounded. (You can enjoy the full article here.)

In the interview, Lili is asked about her struggle with mental illness Lili replied, “There’s no pattern necessarily. It can come and go in waves, which makes it a little more difficult because you’re not really sure when one point ends and another point begins. It can be based off a certain situation, or it can be seasonal, or it can have no reason at all because it doesn’t need a reason. It’s a chemical in [my] brain that I have to take medication for, so I don’t constantly feel doom and gloom and sadness.” This hits home for me in so many ways. She hit the nail right on the head. My anxiety has no warning signs, it’s not something to prepare for. It comes and goes as it pleases and it is, unfortunately, something that I just have to deal with.”

She went on to say, “[I’m speaking out about it because] I felt like the celebrities and people who did talk about it were commended for being so brave. It’s not something that you need to praise anyone for. It should be commonplace. It should be something that we talk about in school. The fact that it isn’t makes people ashamed of it. For teenage kids, they feel a pressure to sweep things under the rug because they feel like they’re not important enough to have problems. They aren’t being bullied so why are they upset? I dealt with that. I had friends at school. People were like, “You have no reason to be upset. Your feelings are illogical.” My message is that that’s not true. You don’t have to have a reason. Your feelings are validated by the fact that you’re feeling them.” Can I please get a standing ovation for Ms. Reinhart? Seriously. Her confidence is inspiring and infectious.

Her message is one that I feel is worth repeating to all who are reading this, “You don’t need to have a reason. Your feelings are validated by the fact that you’re feeling them.” It’s completely true. No one is feeling what you are feeling besides yourself so no one should ever judge you. You are in charge of your feelings. No one else. It’s a simple truth, it’s just sad that the society that we live in today can’t handle the truth. I have to praise people like Lili that speak out about mental illness. They use the platform that they have to let others like you and I know that you ARE NOT alone. You are justifiable in they way that you feel. Please don’t ever feel ashamed about the problems that you have. They are treatable and can be managed. Not to mention it makes you one hell of a warrior to survive something so unpredictable.

Lili Reinhart was already my favorite going into Riverdale. She is a badass goofball, (daddy for others), and undeniably an amazing role model. I thought this all before I learned she struggled with mental illness and didn’t think she could reach new heights of badassery. I was wrong. Lili, you are one hell of a badass. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are a beacon of hope and I can’t wait to see what your future brings you. I will be cheering you on every step of the way with fruity pebbles in hand.

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