Should You Watch The Bold Type On FreeForm?

If you are a Pretty Little Liar Fan then you know that the Bold Type gave an all new screening of the Pilot after a new PLL on Tuesday, June 20th. I had been intrigued about this show since the teaser of three women all dressed up screaming at a moving subway train. Only because I’ve never thought about doing this and now it’s on my bucket list for when I need to let out some frustrations.

The series is centered around three friends Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee), and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) who all work for Scarlet, a global women’s magazine. The show explores their outrageous lives in New York City as they learn to find their own voices and explore their sexuality, identity, love, and fashion.

The pilot opened up with a wide pan shot moving left. If you look closely you can see an ad that reads, “It’s about time.” Let me be VERY clear this is the new age of empowering and inspiring women and having a show that highlights this motto every week…it’s about DAMN time. I am seeing more and more shows that really take on empowering women but there is something about this specific show and it’s writing that gives me an unexplainable feeling.

The cast is amazing.


Fresh off her main role on MTV’s Faking It with co-star Rita Volk, Katie is a force to be reckoned with. She has an incredible range in her acting but above all, she pulls me in and I never want to leave the side of her characters. There is such a vulnerability to Jane but a strong passion for her job that makes her be assertive and strong. I can not wait to see the journey Jane goes on.


I have been watching this amazing actress since her appearance in Terra Nova. Since then she’s moved to great series like Chasing Life, and the very important never forget series Sweet/Vicious. I love everything about Aisha and I love Kat. Kat is so sure of what she believes in that it’s just refreshing to watch. Her storyline through the pilot episode is important and it’s intriguing. Watch out for Kat!


Meghann is new to me but I am already liking Sutton. She has a humorous side on the show and I love it. I’m not too sure with her main storyline right now but I feel it will win me over in the long run. All I care about right now is her dynamic with her other two best friends. Her funny lines keep me on my toes and she makes me smile.

The Bold Type is funny and unapologetically empowering. From start to finish you see just small things that add up into something amazing. Whether it be Kat in a staff meeting stepping up, speaking her mind and not backing down or Sutton not apologizing for someone she likes. You don’t see very many women on tv portrayed this way. This is why I am excited about this show and get giddy every time I see a new preview for it. This show is absolutely worth your time. If you want strong female friendships with the right amount of female positivity then this is the show for you. It’s funny, inspirational and uplifting. Good job FreeForm and welcome The Bold Type I can’t wait to see you grow and flourish!


Catch The Bold Type two-hour series premiere on July 11th 9/8c only on FreeForm! 


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