Silicon Valley Comic Con Is The Con Of The Future!

Started in 2016 by Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee in order to bring technology and comics together, it’s proven in its now two-year run it’s a con to watch. Silicon Valley Comic Con has now become my favorite Comic Convention out there. Here are the reasons why:


I’m from the Bay Area so having a convention like this in San Jose makes it easier for me to get to and from without the hassle of trying to find a place to stay. It’s a quick drive which saves me more money to buy souvenirs! Downtown San Jose is gorgeous, clean and very enjoyable. The convention center itself is well thought out and just beautiful. You can even take a break from the con on a patio outside and just enjoy the weather.

If you don’t live in the Bay Area it’s still no problem! A Hilton and Marriott are located on both sides of the convention center! I have never seen anything so convenient in my life. You can arrive and enjoy the con all day when you are done you can return to your hotel room in the same vicinity. It works great if you have been on your feet all day and don’t want to walk far to get back to your room. Not to mention there is a Starbucks inside the Marriot where you can grab a quick coffee before the show floor opens up or to stay awake for after con festivities. Many conventions don’t have the same convenience this one does so this is already a five-star in my book.


Now if you are driving to the convention you have a ton of options for parking in and all around the convention center. Everything is marked incredibly well around you so the frustration level for finding parking is at an all time low. If you get to the convention center early enough, there are a ton of convention center parking spots still available. It was extremely easy to navigate to the convention after that you just get into the nearest elevator and go up. If you stay for the whole day parking only costs you twenty dollars.


I don’t have enough nice things to say about the staff at Silicon Valley Comic Con. They are all spectacular. Every encounter I had with them asking questions from being lost or confused they jumped at the opportunity to not only help me but go out of their way to be proactive in making me feel welcomed. From the minute I arrived there was staff everywhere to make sure I was going in the right direction and got the best out of my con experience. When it came to photo ops and autographs the staff made sure we knew exactly what was going to happen from start to finish. I had never done a photo op before and with my anxiety, I need to know how everything works step by step before it even happens. If I don’t have a plan I start to panic. They let me know everything right away and I walked away feeling like a million bucks. Thank you to the entire staff of Silicon Valley Comic Con! These guys were the true heroes.

The Convention

Where do I even start? Before you get let into the convention floor you get the chance to play some old school arcade games. How freaking cool is that! I enjoyed The Walking Dead pinball and classic arcade shooting games. They had everything you could think of and more. Even some old school console games. Super Smash Brothers on GameCube and even some PlayStation 2 stuff. I can’t get over how amazing this was. I was not freaking out in line waiting to get let in I was enjoying myself with no worries. Hakuna Matata!

The convention was very laid back and easy. The floor isn’t chaotic like some conventions we know (cough SDCC). You can take your time going through booths and appreciating artists. I felt less pressure to decide what I wanted right away and fight crowds for the items I wanted. You feel calm, happy and on top of the world. I got to speak to artists about their work and learn more about them.


This was by far one of the coolest parts of the con. Celebrities in attendance this year were, William Shatner, Pam Grier, Adam West and Burt Ward, Steven Yuen, Tom Felton and the first ever con appearance by Grant Gustin. Now if you are attending conventions like San Diego Comic Con or Wondercon celebrities are not accessible. You have to be lucky enough to win lottery’s to get autographs and you barely get to take pictures without being pushed or having someone scream in your ear. No no, none of this here. The photo op and autograph room is flawless. It can get a bit crowded but it is an organized crazy. You pay for the autograph or photo you want, you get in line, the line moves fairly quickly and then you get to enjoy your moment with your favorite celebrity. I was lucky enough to talk to a few celebrities like Brent Spiner, and Robert O’Reilly from Star Trek. I wasn’t rushed off, I wasn’t pushed and the celebrity wasn’t in a panic to get through all the people in line. They took their time and actually wanted to engage in a conversation.

Although some prices for autographs and photo ops were a bit steep on your own if you got with a group that all pitches in it is very affordable. You can have up to four people in your photo so split the price between your friends and boom! A memory that lasts you a lifetime. I was able to get a photo with Tom Felton with my podcast and it was so much fun.

In review, this has been the best convention that I have been to and I’m not just saying that. This is a con where you can go and enjoy yourself thoroughly. I was able to discover new artists such as TheTONUS with his hand over the hero artwork and Bob the Artist who makes amazing prints and posters. You can check TheTONUS out here and Bob the Artist out here. I highly recommend that you attend Silicon Valley Comic Con next year and see for yourself how amazing this convention really is. If you are also looking for your first convention to get your feet wet I recommend this one a thousand times over. SVCC is here to stay. It is only going to get bigger and better and I can’t wait to enjoy this every year!

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