Sweet/Vicious is a Sweet Victory For MTV

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Trigger Warning: This post may contain language about rape culture and sexual assault that some readers may find disturbing.

Are you watching MTV’s newest comedy? 

Well, get on it. 

It may be a comedy with rape being one of its main storylines but the show does not take the act of committing sexual assault lightly. It’s sweet and vicious for a reason.



Sweet/Vicious is about a girl named Jules, who carries out vicious revenge on men who sexually assault tumblr_ocos5efzjt1rl17i3o1_r1_500girls in her university. Jules, being a victim of sexual assault felt becoming a vigilante was the only way to right the wrongs that were done to herself and continue to happen on her college campus. With every great hero comes a sidekick. But don’t call Ophelia that. Ophelia is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who just so happens to smoke pot, sell pot, and hack every device that doesn’t belong to herself. She ends up teaming up with Jules after some unfortunate events and a whole bunch of puking later. These girls are the sweet part of the show becoming unlikely friends and co-conspirators but hey opposites attract. College students by day and justice seeking vigilantes by night.

*End Of Spoilers*  

This show is highly underrated in its ability to tell a crisp story and carry a message to surviving victims of sexual assault. It also comes at a perfect time in the history of America during its battle against sexual assault on college campuses. Never forget the name Brock Turner who sexually assaulted a woman and then ran before being tackled by two passing students who noticed what he was doing. Facing years in jail, the punk only got a 6-month sentence that didn’t even stick. He did 3 months and was let out for “good behavior.” Pissed? Me too. But cases like these are all too common on college campuses.

According to studies about 1 in 6 women will experience sexual assault in their college days. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) reports that only 20% of female victims ages 18-24 report their abuse to authorities. In 2009, a study by the Center of Public Integrity reported that 95% of all sexual assaults were going unreported. Let that sink in. UNREPORTED. How is it that society has evolved but our justice system is years behind in finding the common sense to punish acts of sexual assaults.

Enter the movement, Brock Turner isn’ t the only thing motivating America to finally wake up and smell the lenient tolerance in our justice system. Emma Sulkowicz carried her mattress around Columbia University demanding her attacker be expelled. She gained national attention and turned the light a little brighter on this topic. The White House launched the “It’s On Us” campaign with a celebrity endorsed PSA to help others learn how to recognize what qualifies as sexual assault and speak up when you see something.


Sweet/Vicious is the cherry on top of the crusader sundae. This is a groundbreaking series that hopefully receives the praise it deserves. Eliza Bennett and Talor Dearden have amazing chemistry that is hard not to love. Eliza reminds me of a young Buffy the Vampire Slayer only her character is more revenge-y and has fewer hot vampires to fall in love with. Taylor has great comedic timing and makes me want to be her BFF. I’d put on a SPITTERS ARE QUITTERS T-Shirt and ride along in her car singing Defying Gravity as long as she doesn’t keep dead bodies in the trunk of her car. The girls aren’t the only friendship that makes you want to #SquadGoals. Ophelia and Harris have a very sweet friendship with that sister and brother banter back and forth. I can’t get enough of it and can’t wait for Harris to discover just what Ophelia has been up to. Nick Fink is such a cutie and his relationship with Jules is very important. It’s important to tell the story of a victim of sexual assault but it’s momentous to tell the story of a victim that has the ability to fall in love again and eventually find a way to allow themselves to be intimate again.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson is an absolute genius for birthing this show and has an amazing personal story to go with it all. Jennifer learned how to write scripts by reading ones such as The Dark Knight, 500 Days of Summer and The Social Network. She started out in the business acting and almost booking Emily Osment’s role in “Hannah Montana.”


Jennifer came up with this story in 2014 before the big bang of female-driven shows that we see on TV today. Years of development later, she never gave up and rewrote the series over and over questioning herself on what she wanted to see on TV and what was missing.

Let me tell you what TV was missing… it was missing JENNIFER KAYTIN ROBINSON.

Now she is becoming one of the most sought after new talents in Hollywood. Rightfully so.

Sweet/Vicious lives up to its namesake and continues to be a first in MTV history. It’s funny, compassionate, action packed and has just enough quirk to set it apart from anything else on TV today. I hope MTV is smart enough to keep this around for many years to come. I will be tuning in each week to continue down the rabbit hole with Jules and Ofelia. I encourage you to check out the first three episodes on demand or on the MTV app and website. You can never get enough of kick ass women who want to stand up for other women.

Sweet/Vicious Airs Tuesdays at 10/9 c


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