The 100’s Christopher Larkin on Season Five and a Look Back

[avatar user=”Danielle de la Torre” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]By: Danielle de la Torre[/avatar] The 100, a once tiny show that premiered in 2014 is now going into its fifth season with a huge fandom following. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak to Christopher Larkin (Monty Green) who is an absolute gem of an actor and amazing in his craft. He is currently filming the beginning of the season in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Although he couldn’t give a ton of information away for season five he dove into the past and reminisced with me so we could enjoy the future just that much more.

You’re going into your fifth season of The 100, looking back on it, did you ever think it was going to be what it is today?

Honestly, I can’t believe we are filming the fifth season. Since we are a midseason show and we have always been on the CW bubble meaning we are never quite sure if we’re going to have another season from year to year. I think every time we get picked up it’s a huge surprise. And as the years go on and the fandom gets bigger it just blows our minds even more. It feels like we just started filming yesterday. It fluctuates for me between feeling like a fresh experience and not.

What can we look forward to for Monty going into season 5? 

He has different hair. It’s been six years, there are a lot of new hairdos. Monty has finally lost his Justin Beiber cut circa 2009. As far as everything else it’s kept under wraps.

Monty has gone through tough emotion in his time on the ground. What is it like as an actor to play these emotions and will it affect him going into season 5?

Those are the scariest days for me on set. My stomach always turns when I read scenes like, “you’re going to kill your mother and then kill her again” or “Jasper is going die in your arms.” I am always slightly terrified. You have to be so mentally and emotionally present and there’s always the fear that you would be able to get there. It requires you to go to some pretty dark places but you welcome those challenges. If you would have told me in season one that Monty was going to go through all these things in the past could seasons I wouldn’t have believed you and would have been terrified I couldn’t pull it off. Those little challenges help you grow and evolve. Of course, these past events are going to affect Monty. Especially now that they have had six years of peace and prosperity back in space. We just started filming so I’m uncovering things as we go so I’m curious to see if he has been able to bury it and put it in the past or if it has haunted him in isolation, for the past six years.

You mentioned being nervous for scenes. How do you get through it?

I think it’s like anything else. You just have to dive in. Swing for the fences. If you’re going to bomb, then bomb big. The worst is going home after a scene a feeling like there is more that you could have done. That is the biggest sign of defeat at the end of a workday versus going home and going you know what I may not have always gotten there but I gave it everything I got. The anxiety is always there. I still get nervous when I audition after eighteen years. But I think it’s a good thing to have nervous energy. If I didn’t have that I feel like I wouldn’t give a s**t anymore and there wouldn’t be a purpose. So I kind of enjoy the butterflies even though in the moment it feels terrible.

Do you have a favorite season of the show for Monty’s storyline? 

For me, it would be season three. I felt like Monty was always putting other people ahead of him (in previous seasons) he was never acting out of his own accord. He felt like Jasper’s sidekick or doing things to service that character rather than to serve himself. It wasn’t until season three when I felt like Monty got some meatier material. You get so used to watching other actors in the cast perform, like Eliza (Clarke Griffin) having to kill Finn (Thomas McDonnell) and I’m thinking oh that must be so difficult to shoot because when you don’t get that challenge and you’re a passive observer you admire it from afar. Then all of a sudden someone goes that’s going to be you and the challenge is on. It was equally terrifying slash exhilarating.

Is there anything you wish Monty could do in the show that he hasn’t already?

I feel like Monty has never been evil. I feel like he’s been the moral compass since day one. Not that I want him to turn evil but I just wonder. I’m curious because it lives in all of us. You would never peg me or cast me as someone like Murphy, Pike, or Dante so it would be a challenge for me and cool to see something you don’t normally see. I’m curious how that would be explored and how he would overcome that or not.

Being on the show since the beginning, have you learned anything from your character or the show that has influenced your life?

Probably more the show in general. When we started I was the greenest member of the cast hands down. Bob and Eliza were on a bunch of soaps in Australia. Lindsey was on a soap in the States. If you IMDB Devon Bostick you’ll see a hundred credits and he’s only 26. Shout out to Devon because he was my only scene partner for the first few years. I was a fish out of water and Devon made set feel like home which I never thought would be possible. I always try to look at The 100 as like a paid education I had a huge learning curve and I’m getting paid to master a craft which is incredible. (The 100 fans you’ll be happy to learn that Chris and Devon still keep in contact and Chris even said, “I think that’s a bond that can’t be crushed.”)

You write music and have released an album, would you say that is your go-to outlet for relaxing?

It used to be. Now I say it’s probably reading. I’m not a writer I cannot write I’ve tried. I think I can read for recreation because there’s no pressure that I’m ever going to have to write anything as good as what I’m reading. But with music, I used to just do covers and it was just for fun. And now that I’m writing music I feel like if I’m not creating something or if I have a slow day I start to beat myself up because I feel like a product needs to be made versus just enjoying the process. It depends on the day but I think reading trumps music.

Do you have a favorite novel you’re reading?

Oh man, the novel I always credit the Cat’s Cradle only because it was the novel I didn’t read in high school because I hated when teachers telling me what to read and when to read it by and they grade me by how I broke it down. I stopped reading. I spark noted everything and cheated my way through essays. I missed all the incredible literature thrown at me and Cat’s Cradle was the book I was like alright fine. I’ll give books a chance and it got me totally hooked.

How do you stay mentally happy and healthy in your personal and work life?

I’m still trying to figure it out. I feel since everyone’s personal and work life is changing. I think what makes you happy is constantly changing as well. For me, there always some kind of a creative stimulus that needs to be addressed. I always feel like I need to be making something. That usually checks the happiness box off. When I’m not creating usually good music, good books, good museums.

We’ve found fandom in pop culture to be a very powerful tool in helping others deal with their mental health, by finding a sense of community among others who connect to the same show, comic book, film etc. How do you feel about fans relating to Monty or The 100 in a way to connect with each other (due to struggles Monty has gone through or any character), find their own community and healing together?

I think that’s what’s been the most insane to all of us. Most of us didn’t have a social media presence before we started we had to create twitter accounts for the first time after the pilot we shot. That opened that world to me and you get to connect to people around the world and they form their own blogs, cosplay, fanfiction, and community which could not have existed without the internet and social media. I lived with Devon during season three when Jasper was suffering from PTSD which plagued him until the end of his life. The dialogue that he was having with fans meant a lot and opened up a lot of doors. You have no idea how much you work has an effect on others until social media. Because of social media, it’s an ongoing dialogue. It’s dialogue that I never expected when we first started shooting.

What is your favorite thing about playing Monty?

I like how we have been forced to grow up together. We were both very green. (Not to use his last name.) I think coming to the ground Monty had no leadership skills, romantic history or his own sense of destiny. He was forced to establish all these things. I think for me it parallels. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. Getting older together. I appreciate that.

You and your girlfriend have been working on a project together. Can you tell us about it and what it’s been like to work together?   

We met working on a play together. It’s kind of the origin story. She wrote a play that I was cast in and we hit it off six years ago. We love creating theater together. This recent piece is a play called Nomad Motel. It’s a piece that we’ve been developing for the past two years and we’ve workshopped it eight times. It’s been a long haul but it’s getting a production in Pittsburgh next spring. It feels nice to finally bring it to life.

Are you into anything comics, video games, tv shows right now?  

My girlfriend is a TV writer and she started bringing comic books home and I haven’t read them since I was 10. It kind of got me back into the comic world. I’ve been nerding out over Saga, Paper Girls, Alex and Ada and Black Science. You can’t find a comic like Saga. I’m waiting with baited breath for the next Saga issue.

One last question, at The 100 panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year you traded a comic for a chocolate bar. What comic was it?

Oh my god, I feel terrible I left the chocolate bar on a boat after an interview, but the comic was Alex and Ada.


I have to give the utmost praise to Christopher Larkin. He was incredible to talk to about The 100. He got me sentimental about past seasons but also jazzed for season five and beyond. Much like the symbol on the chip to the city of light this show will live on to infinity and beyond. 

The 100 fans season five is coming your way in 2018. I am personally ready to see where this season takes Monty. Follow Chris on twitter @clarkinlarkin and get ready for changes and as always…a wild ride on The 100 rollercoaster.  

Send me your predictions on twitter! What do you think is happening in season 5?


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