The Desk Toy That Helps Anxiety

There is a new hot toy out there and it’s not from the Star Wars Rogue One collection. It’s called the Fidget Cube and its raised over 5 million dollars on Kickstarter. The people of Ansty Labs have really outdone themselves. This amazing new desk toy is something to calm the anxious behaviour lurking inside you. With six different sides, that all have different features it’s the perfect master of distraction.

Clicking, sliding, rolling, flipping, and more! It’s perfect because of its small discrete nature. You can fidget without anyone ever knowing. In your pocket, or under a desk it’s perfect to use in any anxious situation like taking a test or a job interview. It could even be used to calm yourself down in the heat of an anxiety attack. I personally can’t wait for this device to be released to the public. It is going to help a lot of people.

They still have 18 more days to go on their Kickstarter and should be releasing the product to their backers by the end of the year. The product will retail for about $25 and is totally worth it in my book. Check out the Fidget Cube for yourself in the video below.

Would you try the Fidget Cube?

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