Why Horror and Anxiety Don’t Mix

It’s that time again…Halloween time.x0ljg

The channels are filled to the brim with scary movie marathons and you can’t escape without anything Freddy, Jason or some type of “Paranormal Activity.”

Anxiety is all about worrying and scary movies prey on that. Along with the perfect freaky soundtrack, you spend most of the movie worried about the main characters. When the jump scares come you can’t control yourself anymore from screaming and wanting to cover your eyes.

For these reasons, I tend to stay away from horror genres and things that tend to frighten people during Halloween time. Watching a scary movie heightens my anxiety tenfold. I recently watched “The Conjuring” for research purposes for my podcast. Through the entire movie, my heartbeat got faster and faster but I couldn’t help my curiosity from still watching. (You know what they say about curiosity.)

The moment the movie ended it was already dark outside. I couldn’t even walk down the hallway without turning every light on I could find.  When I finally sprinted to bed I was wide awake checking my closet every 3 seconds. I slept with the light on the entire night because darkness can play the meanest tricks on your mind.

For the next two days, I was terrified of anything and everything. I would jump at even the littlest noises. Most of my family made fun of me and some of my friends scoffed and put it off. What they don’t understand is that when I’m watching something scary like that whatever everyone else is feeling heightened at a higher level due to my anxiety. I don’t like anxiety and I don’t like the feeling scary movies give me. Horror is supposed to be that thrill of adrenaline you get from fear. For me and other’s alike, it’s not a thrill it’s a pure trigger for my anxiety. I don’t go to scary movies in the theater because it’s like I’m trapped. Anxiety and Halloween just don’t mix.

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I am not about the fear. Halloween for me is all about the candy. raw-2This is the tipping point into packing on the holiday pounds. You start with the candy and move on to Thanksgiving dinner. Candy brings me comfort in the shadow of anxiety this holiday brings me. I may not be about the movies and the haunted houses but I can certainly still find the glass half full with this holiday.

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