Why I’ll Still Watch The Walking Dead

Two night ago, we lost two core members of the Alexandria group. Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee. Although I had guessed the death of Abraham I was in utter shock when we lost Glenn. I figured the entire premise of the premiere was getting ready to lose ONE main character, not two.

Why I Thought It Was Abraham

If you read the comics you know that Abraham dies the way that Tara’s girlfriend Denise goes in the show. An arrow to the head from Dwight. Fortunately, Abraham was saved from his untimely death and lived to see a few more days. For this reason, I knew that Abraham was on borrowed time. Hot Topic had released an Abraham quotes T-Shirt that I proudly wear on my Twitter. Negan’s words to the victim in the finale were, “taken it like a champ!” If you watched Abraham’s mannerisms and his body language he was standing up straight with his chest puffed out in a big f**k you kind of way.  He was never intimidated by Negan. Now if you are Negan you kind of realize that this guy is a big dude. He threatens your presence and gives others hope that he can take you out. Therefore, he’s a threat and must be taken care of. His storyline was already coming to an end as well. He had lost his mission with Eugene being that it was a total hoax. He had ended his relationship with Rosita and moved on to a new one with Sasha. He had an epiphany about life and finally realized that he could be happy. Lastly, he had some cry-worthy moments with Eugene to finally patch up their bad blood. He was ready to pour the Bisquick and make some pancakes. But Abraham is Abraham and he wasn’t going to go down without a fight and one last one liner. “Suck my nuts.”


Why I Didn’t Think it was Glenn

Once again, if you read the comics you all know the 100th issue Glenn meets his maker courtesy of Negan. Because of this, I thought for a fact they weren’t going to make it that easy in the show. I thought Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple would come up with a different heroic way he would go out. But most of all I was still fooled into thinking we were only going to lose ONE character. It makes total sense that he would die. It’s what happened in the comics and it’s a great way to propel Maggie and the rest of the cast into amazing storylines this year. He will still be remembered as the selfless pizza delivery guy who called Rick a dumbass in a tank. His joy will continue to echo through the series like the time he took the sports car for a joy ride. He went out himself as well. Still not thinking of himself. His last sentence was a crushing one but it still brought me closure. the-walking-dead-season-7-glenn

Why I’m Still Going to Watch

There has been a ton of outrage from the show because of it’s brutal deaths. Some claiming that it has gone way to drastic for dramatic effect. The reason I love this show is because it really is like no other. It’s brutal because it is a post-apocalyptic zombie drama. You’d expect it to be gruesome and punishing on survivors. There are no good people anymore it’s all about surviving. Survival is not something that comes easy and candy coated.

I will continue to watch the show because I enjoy the way it is written and filmed. There is something so poetic in the way that scripts are written and turned into a cinematic experience. Greg Nicotero, Scott Gimple, and Robert Kirkman are all geniuses and have worked extremely hard to make sure that a story is told and it does justice to their devoted fans. I’m excited for what’s in store this season and there are going to be some powerful stories coming for our female characters that I just can’t wait to see. I’m sad about Glenn and Abraham but I’m happy because I got to know them and their characters throughout the seasons they were in. I’m happy because they had an impact on me and have taught me to strive for happiness and be selfless. They’re gone for now but never forgotten. The show has already immortalized them by having them live on in us every day. We will continue to share their legacy with new viewers and share our favorite lines among other fans across the world.

Because of this, I trust The Walking Dead creators to lead me down a path of excitement and entertainment in the future.

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