Why Is No One Talking About Riverdale?!

Greg Berlanti, you son of a gun.

I am hooked on yet another one of Berlanti’s masterpieces. Riverdale.

I can’t stop watching this dark take on the beloved Archie universe comics. But I can’t help but notice that NO ONE SEEMS TO BE TALKING ABOUT IT. The series is in its fourth episode premiering tomorrow night at 9/8 c on the CW.

I have to admit when I went to San Diego Comic-Con this past year one of the things on my list was to watch the pilot episode of Riverdale. When I watched it for the first time I didn’t like it. Now I’ll have you know I only caught the tail end of it but it gave me a bad vibe. It seemed super angsty and predictable and I just wasn’t up for another drama like that. Come premiere time, I decided I’d watch it again because I missed the beginning of it at Comic Con. Instantly hooked. I talk about this all the time on my podcast No Ordinary Nerd but there’s something about the human brain where it makes us so intrigued by a who done it? Who killed Jason Blossom? I NEED TO KNOW. It’s a matter of life and death right now.

I used to read the Archie comics when I was younger, and I loved everything about them. When I was in the grocery line with my mom waiting for the piles of items to get rung up I would always find the newest Archie comic and thumb through it before we left. I had an expectancy of what the characters were to act and look like going into this show. As the show unraveled itself and the characters revealed themselves I was very pleasantly surprised.

Cole Sprouse – As: Jughead Jones

Talk about a 180. Cole brings a very dark and mysterious vibe to Jughead that just leaves you wanting way more screen time for him. He still has traits of the Jughead we know and love like the slamming down Hamburgers and wearing that beanie that looks like his crown. But don’t let this fool you. Cole’s Jughead is hiding something too and the novel he’s writing can’t just be stuff he’s learning day by day. He has sources and he must know something about what happened that day at Sweet Water River. The Archie Comics had Jughead come out as asexual so I am intrigued to see if the showrunner will adopt this into the CW series or not. It would certainly be a first for the CW and a great representation of others out there like him.

KJ Apa – As: Archie Andrews

Game changer: Archie Andrew is hot!

KJ is from New Zealand and boy do I love his accent. This is certainly not the Archie Andrews I am used to but I will certainly gladly take it! KJ is no faker either he really knows how to play the guitar (Check out his Instagram for more videos he is incredible!)  KJ brings that angst but he’s the perfect combination of earnestness and edge. To me, it seems like he could go both ways. He could be the sweet innocent boy next door who has it all or he could be the mysterious hot boy who could be capable of murder. I can’t wait to see more of KJ and his storylines as Archie. He is the perfect fit and he is super fit…see for yourself.

Told you…;)

Lilli Reinhart – Betty Cooper

Lilli by far is my favorite. Betty was always sort of a tough character for me. I never liked her in the comics. Lilli has completely changed that for me. Her portrayal of Betty has got to be one of the best characters on TV for me right now. Being a huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer I really just want to throw a wooden stake in her hand and have her star in her own Buffy Movie. She reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Watching only three episodes, I can already tell that she is going to have one of the biggest character developments we see. She has already left the sweet girl next door attitude behind because life got real…real quick. I’m starting to see a bit of a personality disorder in her. You don’t just try to fry someone in a hot tub and shove them down with your heel and pretend it never happened. Girl let me tell you, you’re going to have to go through some stuff. You’re going to have to talk about it and that’s ok. We all have demons.
I don’t have enough nice things to say about Lilli’s portrayal of the dark Betty. It’s fun and exciting to watch and I honestly can’t get enough. I get giddy just thinking about it and on Thursdays, all I do is wait impatiently for Riverdale to be on. But you can’t have the B without the V.

Camila Mendes – Veronica Lodge

Camila is an eye opener for me. It is certainly hard to like the selfish, rich, new girl that strolls into town. But this is not the Veronica Riverdale is portraying. Veronica is more complex and is trying to invigorate a new lifestyle. She immediately clings herself to Betty who she claims is her soul mate best friend. Here is the twist that I love so much. She is not a predictable character. You would expect someone like Veronica to use Betty in order to get closer to Archie. You expect her to be the queen bee and rule the school. She doesn’t do any of these things. She actually seeks out a friendship with Betty and is genuine about it. Sure she likes Archie at first but she respects girl code and backs off for the sake of her and Betty’s friendship. I love the authenticity, sincerity, and truthfulness that Camila brings alive in Veronica. You feel that Veronica is in her friendship with Betty one hundred percent. There is no sense of trickery. I continue to enjoy the growth of Betty and Veronica’s friendship and relatability and think it’s one of the best on television right now. If you’re not wishing the best for these two then you’re not shipping correctly.

These are just a small handful of the delightful characters on Riverdale. Trust me the others are to die for. This cast is brilliant and you can’t deny the chemistry. There is never a dull moment and I am never disappointed. There is are endless twists and turns and it constantly keeps you guessing. Anyone can be a bad guy and anything is possible. The backbone is who killed Jason Blossom but, the real story here is who are all these characters? When all of the cards are finally revealed who will end up being the killer? Which leaves me to my final question. Why is no one talking about this show!? It is amazing and deserves the hype that it gives us each week.

If you are not watching Riverdale right now stop what you are doing and download the CW app to catch up. I know you have your phone on you. Do it. I definitely see this series being picked up for season two for do not worry! Keep watching!


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