Why Nerd Is In

Over the course of time, nerds have evolved. It used to be treated as an insult back in the day. When someone slung the word nerd your way it used to hurt because you wanted to be a part of the cool kids and being a nerd meant you were the lowest person on the totem pole.

Fear not for we are the popular kids now!

Nowadays nerds are a part of a million dollar industry with Video Games, Comic books, Film and Television. We have conventions all year long to celebrate our passions and give us new looks at the things we love. Comic-Con in San Diego being one of the largest Cons with over 100,000 people in attendance.


Nerds are Passionate

If it wasn’t for the passion of our beloved shows, movies, and games we wouldn’t be as big as we are now. If you go to any convention you feel so special being amongst all of the other people who enjoy the same things as you. Walking around and seeing all the cosplay you get a kind of feeling of your home. Making new friends is easy. The love for our nerdy stuff is off the charts and in return we get amazing exclusives. We are an army of pop culture.



Nerds are Nice

Have you ever been to Comic-Con? With the exception of a handful of smelly selfish nerds, everyone that attends is the nicest people you will every meet. When my sister and I camped out for Friday Hall H we hadn’t had any food that night. We were talking to a great gentleman that was in line ahead of us who held our spot while we went to get dinner. On top of this, I had forgotten a blanket to put down on the grass and without hesitation, he lends me his. You could reach out on social media for #linebuddies or check to see the line status of outside events if certain panels were full or even how crowded booths were on the sales floor. People go out of their way to make sure you can have the best convention possible.


Nerds Know How to Connect

Nerds know their stuff. They know people in high and low places and know how to connect them. When fandoms build within the nerd community you know it is going to be powerful. When you step into a fandom and see viewing parties, meetups, giveaways and much more it’s overwhelming in the best way possible. All you have to do is just dip your foot into the nerd pool and discover just how cool it is to connect with all these different people. You are welcomed with open arms into a world filled with hope and joy.


We have come a long way since the stigma of glasses, suspenders, and high-waisted pants. That’s not us. We’re creating fandoms, running podcasts, creating new clothing lines. We branch out and help each other enjoy and get closer to our favorite things. We are the new it factor. It is cool to be obsessed with binge-worthy tv shows, read the new comic books and cosplay as our favorite character. We are strong, we are brilliant, we are POWERFUL. We are nerds…and proud of it.


What is your favorite thing about being a nerd?

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