Why Wonder Woman Is Important

Wonder Woman is approaching fast to the Summer box office of 2017. It’s been under a microscope since Batman V. Superman was released and Wonder Woman made her first appearance. From casting to crew this movie has really blown the minds of all fans alike. AND. IT. HASNT. EVEN. PREMIERED. YET.

First up is Gal Gadot. She is the bombshell from Fast and Furious who teamed up with the boys and fellgiphy-9 in love with Han. This is where we first learned just how badass Gal really is. Not only was she good with a gun but she could drive a car like a boss. Her character was quick and witty who could throw down just as well as a man. Her time was short lived in the franchise when she sacrificed her life to let the love of her life Han live. I know I wasn’t the only one who was crushed by her last scene. Noble and selfless, she was already showing qualities of our Wonder Woman.

Next up, Patty Jenkins the fearless leader. One of the first female directors to tackle and large scale comic superhero movie. This movie was female driven onscreen and offscreen which makes it something to be super proud of. Watching the teaser trailers I am already excited to see her vision of Wonder Woman be brought to life. Although she had been criticized by a former Warner Brothers employee in an open letter claiming that the new film would be a “mess.” It’s no secret that Warner Brothers and DC movies have not been up to par in some fans eyes. They haven’t even come close the goliath Marvel with their Avengers line up. The letter had also addressed these issues. Patty responded with her lasso of truth, in a nutshell, no one in the know of the movie thought it was a “mess” and when the movie comes out it will prove the letter wrong. The fearless leader ladies and gentleman.

The movie had another first that was pretty cool. For once, the man in the movie took a backseat to overshadowing the female lead. Chris Pine is a great actor and has built up quite the career, starring in Star Trek, Horrible Bosses 2, Into the Woods, Unstoppable the list goes on. The point of the matter is Chris Pine is an A-list male celebrity who is used to being in the top billing credits. For him to take a back seat to a massive blockbuster is huge. His thoughts before starting the project were, “It’ll be a f***ing blast. Patty’s got a tremendous sense of story, I couldn’t be happier to be supporting Gal in what’s going to be the first female-driven superhero film. I think in the world today we’ve had plenty enough of male-driven everything and it’s finally time to see how wonderful the world can be with beautiful, strong, intelligent women kicking some major ass.” I think he said it all. It’s going to be one heck of a movie with one heck of a female-driven lead in Gal Gadot.

Young girls across the world can now look at a superhero movie and see a superhero film where the superhero is a powerful female. The lead character girl who doesn’t need the help of a man but is the one helping the man. For other women who are inspired to create, lead, and break the glass ceiling will watch the movie and look at the credits to see Patty Jenkins lead this movie to victory at the box office. This will be a major achievement. After everything that has happened in the last week with America, this is what is needed for women. Hope. Hope can be their four letter word.

This is why Wonder Woman is important.

Check out the trailer below. Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017!

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