Why Wonder Woman Made Me Cry

Everyone has been talking about Wonder Woman. It’s shattered records and stigmas surrounding women and female superheroes. Debuting at 100 million opening weekend it has broken the record for biggest box office opening for a female director. You go Patty Jenkins.

I went with my family on opening day. I wanted everyone to see this movie. It was important to me that they not only enjoyed this movie but really understood what this meant for me. As a kid, the first superhero movie I remember going to was the very first Spiderman. The movie theater was packed in like sardines and you could just smell the fanboy. My dad probably being the number one fanboy in that theater. From start to finish I was captivated by the entire movie. I remember looking over at my dad at the end of the movie and he looked like he wanted to cry. Spiderman is his favorite superhero so to see the comic book character come to life on screen was a long dream come true for him. It was a great movie but it just wasn’t relatable to me. I didn’t see myself dressing in spandex and slinging webs.

This time around was the role reversal. I wanted to share this with my father. I wanted him to understand how much I NEEDED this movie. As a young, Portuguese, female I needed this movie as validation that I matter. That my dreams matter, that my goals matter, but more importantly that my FUTURE mattered.

I’m confident I speak for most when I say No Man’s Land was the scene to bring tears. I was holding it together pretty well even though Robin Wright was kicking major ass and I was borderline losing my shit at how cool it was. When Diana stepped up that ladder, slow motion hit and the score took over…I lost it. I didn’t want my family to see me cry but I couldn’t help it. Before I knew it I felt a hitch in my breathing and my entire body slowed to the tempo of the film. It was the tears rolling down my cheek that brought me back to reality. This was happening. There was a female superhero on this IMAX screen in a packed theater. This was my Spiderman movie.

For some reason, I cant explain I felt validated. I felt like anything was possible. It is so cliche but it’s true! I wanted to charge out of the theater with a sword and shield with the Wonder Woman theme blasting the airways. Gal Gadot’s portrayal makes you feel like you can tackle the world and actually win. It makes you demand change. There is no, “I hope I make it” “Maybe one day I’ll be”. NO. It’s I WILL make it. Tomorrow WILL be the day. It almost makes me think is Gal Wonder Woman or is Wonder Woman Gal?

At the end of the day, Patty Jenkins vision along with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and so many others that worked on this film gave me a feeling to hold onto in my darker days. Hope. That powerful four letter word that comes and goes in good faith. As unpredictable as my mental illness can be I hold onto moments and sayings that keep me grounded. By far, Wonder Woman is a moment that will keep me strong and keep me going. I am forever thankful. I encourage every girl to go out and watch this movie if you haven’t already. Awaken your inner Diana.

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